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Kilmartin Glen, Argyll

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tour location The Kilmartin Glen in Argyll is one of Britain's gems of history DùnAdd, ancient capital of Dalriada founded by the Irish in the 5th century amidst the pagan Picts. Gleann Cille Mhàrtainn (Kilmartin Glen), is where they came and so began Scotland. But we humans have been here since the ice receded 10,000 years ago. We built our stone circles and standing stone temples; We left footprints....

Pick 4-5 hours worth from the following to give a full day's relaxed walking (which allows a break for lunch and transport time between each site, in your own transport):

Temple Wood

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tour location While it is theoretically possible that there is a guide somewhere on planet earth who knows more about the Kilmartin Glen than me, it is however unlikely! I lived there for 5 years and guided over a hundred parties, many of them repeat visits. Why use anybody else?

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The Price

This tour does not include transport. We use your own transport.

Transport can be provided for your group if desired, or indeed full itinerary planning. Complete the Custom/Private Tour Contact Form for a quote.

"Scot,We had the pleasure of having a tour with you during the 2nd week of August in 2004. You gave us a day tour of the Kilmartin valley. We never thanked you properly for your wonderful tour and your hospitality. I have been working our photo album from that vacation and looked up your website in to recall where exactly we had visited with you. We would also be more then happy to be used as references for your tours, Thank you again! And if we are ever lucky enough to come back to Scotland we will surely request one of your tours again!" Linda Curtis & Ron Kamen, March 2009

Glen Lyon, Perthshire

Known in literature as The Long Crooked Glen of the Stones, it holds a huge amount of interest for the sensitive traveller: probably the last continously kept Earth Goddess shrine in Britain, sites of the last Pictish strongholds (pre 900 AD), Tales and Legends of Fionn MacCumhal, great natural beauty, early Christian sites, a Fairy Hill of the Celts, a remoteness of landscape that is felt by the visitor... and so the attractions go on.

This is a whole day tour, due to the remoteness of the glen and the distance into it. The exact sites to visit I ascertain during the booking process based on your interests.
Grades* B and C.

The Price

How These Tours and Walks Work

* If you are looking for a tour where I provide the transport and / or accommodation, use the Custom Tour Enquiry Form for a fuller quote.

* Grading the walks

I use the Ramblers Association of grading
Tour party on Loch Awe,
Argyll A = Flat, path walks, not arduous, suitable for low mobility and wheels.
B = Mostly paths, some unmade and muddy, some climbs, but not for more than a couple of hundred feet, not suitable for wheels, moderate fitness or mobility required
C = Off path climbs involved. Climbs more than 500 feet, slighty higher than average fitness advisable.

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